Awarding Two Decades of Achievements

The ultralight community has its own unique place in the world of aviation. With community-based awards and symbols of accomplishment, USUA recognizes individuals and organizations for outstanding achievement and positive contributions to the sport.

The Annual Ultralight Aviation Awards are presented by the United States Ultralight Association to honor those who have served the cause of air sports in general and ultralight aviation in particular, either through their work, initiative, devotion, or accomplishments. Our sport's most prestigious awards are presented at the Ultralight Awards Ceremonies during the USUA Annual Meeting.Through their annual dues, USUA members support the organization's various programs, including the ultralight awards.

Moody Award

The John Moody Award was established in 1991 and is named in honor of "The Father of Ultralights," Mr. John Moody. In 1976, Moody was the first person to offer a complete ultralight kit that included both the engine and airframe. His accomplishment was the start of a new industry. The Moody Award is ultralight aviation's highest and most prestigious award. It is presented to an individual, group or organization that, by their efforts over a period of years, have made significant contributions or advancements of enduring value in the sport of ultralight aviation in the United States.

Previous Recipients

Worthington Cup

The Worthington Cup was established in 1988 to encourage individual achievement in powered ultralight flight. It is awarded annually for the longest open distance flight of over 200 statute miles in a Part 103 powered ultralight. The Cup is named after George Worthington who set numerous world records in both powered and unpowered ultralights during the late 70's and early 80's. A new record must exceed the previous record by 1% for distance. For rules, an application, and declaration forms, refer to Worthington Cup Overview (PDF).

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USUA Commendations

The Ultralight Commendation recognizes those individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to the promotion, development and safety of powered ultralight aviation in the United States. It also recognizes their outstanding service to USUA and the ultralight community for activity on the national, regional, or local levels.

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USUA Meritorious Service Award

The USUA Meritorious Service Award recognizes those who have demonstrated an exceptional level of service to the direct benefit of USUA.

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USUA Volunteer Of The Year Award

Recognizing the USUA member whose volunteer service has contributed to the direct benefit of USUA.

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USUA Regional Representative Of The Year

This award recognizes a USUA Regional Representative for personal dedication and service to USUA and American ultralight aviation during the preceding 12 months. His or her dedication and service to the sport of ultralight flying, "Safety Through Education" and the "Fly for Fun" spirit of USUA, is a credit to them and the ultralight community.

The Regional Representative of the Year is chosen by his or her colleagues during the USUA annual meeting. The previous year's award winner normally presents the award during the awards ceremonies.

Previous Recipients:

(*Called Commendation at the time)

USUA Club of the Year

This award recognizes a USUA Club for overall excellence in programs and activities for beginners and novices; site procurement, development and retention; promotion of safety; membership development; and meetings or other special programs and activities.

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USUA Ultralight Industry Award

Recognizing the manufacturer, business or corporation who has demonstrated an exceptional level of service to the ultralight community, as well as the local community in which it operates.

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USUA Communication Award

Recognizing media or communicator who has demonstrated an exceptional level of service to the ultralight community.

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