Paul Tissandier Award

The Paul Tissandier award is presented to those who have served the cause of aviation in general and sporting aviation in particular, through their work, initiative, and devotion.

The FAI established the award in 1952. It is named after Mr. Paul Tissandier, Secretary General of FAI from 1919 to 1945. Each year, each FAI Member may submit the names of up to 3 candidates for consideration. Medals and diplomas are presented to recipients during the opening ceremony of the FAI General Conference.

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Colibri Diploma

The Colibri Diploma It is awarded each year to an individual who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the development of microlight [ultralight] flying by his/her action, work, achievements, initiative or devotion. In the sport of microlight [ultralight] flying, the Colibri Diploma is the highest, most prestigious award in the world.

This Diploma was established by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) World Air Sports Federation in 1983, on a proposal by the FAI Microlight Commission. Only one diploma can be awarded annually.

Previous Recipients:

FAI Colibri Badges

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Colibri badges are international standards of achievement and proficiency that recognize a pilotís successful completion of specific flying goals. The FAI is the world sport aviation governing body that recognizes USUA as the sole representative in America to supervise FAI related ultralight and microlight flying activities including the issuance of Colibri badges. USUA is the exclusive source in the United States for these prestigious internationally recognized awards.

To earn a Colibri badge, a pilot must have accumulated a certain number of solo flight hours, flown a series of predetermined precision landings and cross-country flights. At the higher badge levels, the pilot must have achieved a record or competed in an FAI sanctioned meet. The qualifications for Colibri badges are the same in every country and they do not require renewal. To acknowledge the accomplishment of a Colibri badge holder, the distinguished pilot receives a bronze, silver or gold plated lapel pin and a certificate. For more information, the FAI Colibri Badge Program Booklet (PDF) describes this award, outlines the rules and criteria, and contains the various application forms.

The following list, are those who have earned a Colibri badge in alphabetical order by badge. Names are listed under the highest-level badge achieved to date.


Mike Brawner (Dickinson, TX)
Dan Grunloh (Loda, Illinois)
Igor Kolpakchi (Cedarhurst NY)


Sam Briseno (Englewood, NJ)
Robb Brooke (Rockville, MD)
John Chapman (Kalamazoo, MI)
Benjamin H. Dawson, III (Brandon, FL)
Jim DeGarmo (Canton, OH)
Patrick A. Derry (Fairfax, VA)
Dan Grimm (Newburgh, IN)
Tom Gunnarson (Frederick, MD)
Jonathan A. Hodgdon (Gorham, ME)
Jim Kelly (Friendship, MD)
Rolland B. Kingston (Tampa, FL)
Rudolf F. Krebser (Switzerland)
James D. McCornack (Creswell, OR)
Jack E. McElroy (Longwood, FL)
Frederick M. Moret (Keizer, OR)
Carl Morrison (Freeport, TX)
Steve Nusbaum (Wonder Lake, IL)
Carl Peck (Kathleen, FL)
Bill Spurgeon (Corona Del Mar, CA)
James G. Stephenson (Marshall, MI)
Charles R. Waller (Ashford, AL)


David Ahlberg (Valparaiso, IN)
Richard Avalon (San Bruno, CA)
Roger Bitton (Troutdale, OR)
Allan W. Blackburn (Fort Worth, TX)
Philip E. Breece (Three Rivers, MI)
Lyle Byrum (Temecula, CA)
Robert Campbell (Portland, OR)
Mary Carlisle (Houston, TX)
Mark Chaney (Millersville, MD)
Robert Chapman (Chantilly, VA)
Ronald DiScenza (Nanuet, NY)
Robert Dombek (Cincinatti, OH)
Steven M. Ehrhart (Seven Valleys, PA)
William Elliott (Dayton, OH)
Stuart H. Fuller (Raleigh, NC)
David Hempy (Lexington, KY)
Jon Jacobs (Samaria, MI)
Orville Judd (Troutdale, OR)
Mike King (Rowley, MA)
Leonard Kirkpatrick (Myaka City, FL)
Wayne Kunze (Anaheim, CA)
John Lasko (Temecula, CA)
Doyle L. Lewis (Salem, OR)
Mike Makepeace (El Dorado, AR)
Jack McCornack (Tacoma, WA)
William H. McClung (Tampa, FL)
Oscar G. Medina (El Paso, TX)
Stephen Morel (Fishkill, NY)
William M. Moret (Keizer, OR)
Bruce P. Noll (Temecula, CA)
Steve Osten (Burke, VA)
Charles Parsons (Thornton, CO)
Gordon F Partlow (Modesto, CA)
Larry D Peterson (Turlock, CA)
Glen Rayfield (Granby, CO)
Paul R. Reed (Elkton, MD)
Craig Richardson (Yoe, PA)
Howard S. Segal (Houston, TX)
George Smith (Hershey, PA)
Dean Spencer (Lafayette, CO)
Larry Sullivan (Baltimore, MD)
Rollie H. Tacket (Garden Grove, CA)
Derreck Turner (Liberty, MO)
Charles Willard (Hermosa Beach, CA)
James A. Zeleny (Denver, CO)
Roy G. Benton, Jr. (Eagle River, AK)
Jacob S. Idzerda (Anchorage, AK)
David Celie (Osceola, IN)